Hollywood Reporter
“One of the most original voices to emerge in commercials in the last five years has come from not one director but a group of six Swedish filmmakers.”

“This Scandinavian six-pack has earned a cast-iron reputation for delivering unique, memorable and often just plain odd advertising.”

Boards Magazine
“Traktor’s got pull.”

“Raise the plow, America: Traktor, a slightly demented Swedish sowing circle, is rolling across the fruited plain.”

“Traktor give the lips a howling good time.”

“Bizarre comedy, cruel subtexts and subtle, realistic stories are all part of the Traktor oeuvre.”

Adweek Magazine
“The actors have a powerful, memorable presence, and the ads are sometimes even hypnotic.”

Creativity Magazine
“The guys who turned American culture upside down, sideways and upside again may be the smartest guys in advertising.”

Boards Magazine
“…Partizan’s Traktor has a monster year…”